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With our Rosewood inlay work on your furniture, you get more than you expected. What could be better than owning a beautiful piece of Rosewood furniture from Da Grains? Having a bit of intricate rosewood inlay work, of course! Inlay work is any detailed modern or antique design on the table that is usually hand engraved or made. So is it time to create some art once more? Rosewood inlay work is a marvellous, intricate refinement of craftsmanship. It is a unique traditional art form that evolved in the Mysuru region of Karnataka 400 years ago. This unique form of artifact was awarded the Geographical Indication tag from the Government of India in 2005 due to its historical depiction and representation of the Mysuru region and the exclusive design and style used by the local artisans. Rosewood dining table , doors, chests, coffee tables, mirrors, cupboards, partition screens cabinets, and dining tables decorated with beautiful and delightful artwork etched into grooves are a treat to the eye Read More

rosewood Swing Set

Swing Set

Swing Away Your Worries With Our Beautiful Swing Set

Rosewood inlay 6 Seater Dining Set

6 Seater Dining Set

A 6 Seater Dining Set For Your And Your Family To Enjoy Your Meals On

rosewood Table Top Design

Table Top Design

Add Alluring Beauty To Your Table Tops With Our Best Quality Designs

Rosewood Table Top Design

Table Top Design

A Premium Quality Design To Compliment Your Table With More Class And Style

rosewood Table Top Design

Table Top Design

A Beautiful Table Top Design Customised For You And Yours

rosewood Table Top Design

Table Top Design

Designs For Table Top For You To Choose From, Customised To Your Liking!

Rosewood Inlay Work WithTrue Craftsmanship Legacy

Our craftsmen and artisans come from a background of generational craftsmanship. It is a skill passed down to generations to carve the woods into beautiful furniture and inlay work, most traditionally and originally. They are a group of skilled workers closely taking care of each bit created with precision.

There are numerous steps in this big project. The images and patterns must first be designed and drawn on the rosewood as the initial phase. The rosewood is then shaped properly by carpentry. The inlay designs are then meticulously hand-cut into shape. The regions where the motifs must be inlaid are meticulously carved on the rosewood. The motifs are then glued and inlaid. After using sandpaper to smooth it out, the wood is polished to give it a shiny appearance.

It is common among furniture manufacturers to mix up different types of wood to create a piece of furniture. However, Da Grains promises to give you the best quality authentic products made 100% out of the wood of your choice. You get to be a part of your furniture's journey, from a log to the beautiful table in all your rooms. It contains original grains, which signifies an original timber wood suitable for creating furniture.

rosewood inlay

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Having intricate and precise inlay work on your Rosewood furniture set in your home might be the best decision you would ever make. However, our responsibility is to assist you in buying a traditional yet modern rosewood inlay design. So we have decided to carry it out well by providing you with various designs like tabletop designs, swing set designs , dining table leg sets, god and goddess wall hanging and more. In addition, we offer custom designs to your requirement.In Da Grains we provide you the rosewood inlay cost is budget friendly.

Stunning Rosewood Inlay Work Designs

Ever dreamed you could create inlay art on your furniture exactly how you wanted it to be? Away from those dull and unoriginal designs? Look nowhere again because Da Grains gives you the independence of creativity to design your inlay work on your furniture just like you have always imagined. By proposing that you tailor your furniture to whatever you choose, you can be guaranteed that this is how your final product will look.

Da Grains Rosewood furniture can only be the greatest in the industry with years and generations of experience in Craftsmanship and talented artisans who complete the task while preserving high quality, class, and talent for rosewood inlay work designs.

Rosewood, ebony and yellow wood are used as raw materials, and designs are carefully etched and carved into them. Traditional ivory has been replaced with plastic - coated with hydrogen peroxide, acrylic shell, mother-of-pearl sandalwood and coloured wood, further inlaid into the main wood frame.

This impeccable artwork has evolved beautifully and is made to fit harmoniously to satisfy modern trends and modern-day needs.

Intricate Rosewood Inlay Work

Intricate Craftsmanship that can give you evergreen beauty for your furniture. While our artisans make your house look as gorgeous as ever, you can take your time and choose from a wide range of designs on inlay work for your Rosewood furniture so that you can choose the one that matches your house aesthetic and makes it look as though it popped out of a magazine.

Best Deals On Inlay Work Furniture

We understand that choosing and customizing an inlay design on rosewood furniture can be taxing, and if preliminary research is done, it may lead to dissatisfaction. To avoid this, we at Da Grains give you the best possible deals and prices, so you don't have to look back and think twice about glamorizing your dream home with rosewood inlay furniture.

So naturally, you'd want to design your swing set, tabletop , six-seater dining set,dining table leg set and more that resonate with your taste. With the enormous collection available on Da Grain, find the right design at best and the latest tabletop design cost in Bangalore, India.

We have an exquisite variety of Handcrafted materials for rosewood inlay.

Explore different styles of furniture and living room furnishings from various wood options, including woods like Rosewood, Indian Laurel Wood, Red Cedar Wood, TeakWood, Mahogany, Bhilwara and JackWood.

When crafted from these top-quality woods, furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and pooja room provides you with premium and modern idols. Using top-quality woods that are durable and stylish enough to make your home look absolutely stunning makes us, Da Grains, a family that always stays by your side.

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Finding furniture that suits your needs might occasionally be confusing but is rarely difficult. If you participate in an interactive session with our furniture design planning pros, selecting the appropriate settings for your living area will be easier.

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An inlay is a decorative technique where pieces of material, typically wood or metal, are inserted into the surface of a piece of furniture or another object to create a pattern or design. Inlay work is a type of marquetry, the art of making pictures or designs using small pieces of wood, metal, or other materials that are fitted together like a mosaic. Inlay work materials are typically cut into specific shapes and then carefully inserted into the object's surface using glue or another adhesive. The result is a decorative piece of furniture or entity with a unique and intricate pattern or design.

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Ram Kumar Vetsa

Excellent craftsmanship, really genuine and good quality of table delivered. Thanks to Mr. Leonard and his team. Initially i have ordered 6 seater dining table and they made it very nicely crafted with good quality of rose wood. Then I have ordered one bed and sofa set. You don’t have to meet him personally, and he is very genuine and reliable. He deserves a 5 star rating for his attitude, service and quality. please feel free to refer to your friends.

Basavaraj Prabhudeva (SKANDA LINKS)

I am very much Happy about work of Coorg Rosewood Timbers on our furniture. As committed Mr Leonard, have given a very good quality of furniture and service throughout. My family is very Happy and so I am. My friends also liked it very much. So will definitely refer Mr Leonard of Coorg Rosewood Timbers for furniture requirements to all my known circles... .

Yadav K V

We ordered a sofa set that was well built and worth every penny ... Before giving orders... we roamed around many shops.. the prices mentioned at shops was not meeting to furniture quality... i would like to thank you whole heartedly for delivering wonderful furniture

Chethan Gowda

Mr. Leonard is a reliable person and attentive to details. He is a very knowledgable person and gives suggestions or best ideas on top of our requirements. I will definitely say that he is committed, quality oriented and his products are value for money.

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